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Essentials in Ministry

Essentials in Ministry - Brian Brodersen

Ministry in today’s world is a mixed bag of many styles, models, and viewpoints. Some ministry models are taken from the business world, while others from current postmodern mindsets. The question the pastor or Christian worker should ask himself or herself is not, "Do these ministry models work?" but "Are they biblical?"

This book takes a much-needed look at the core areas of ministry, asking and answering the questions: "what are the essential components of ministry?" and "What is the church supposed to look like today?"


Book £6.00

Excellence in Ministry

Excellence in Ministry - Brian Brodersen

We who are in ministry ought to endeavor to do church in such a way that brings glory to God and helps as many people as possible to become disciples of Jesus Christ. Some of the questions addressed in this book are:

• Have you been called into the ministry?

• What is the task of the pastor?

• How is a person equipped for the work?

• What are the things that will help or hinder the work of God in the life of the church?

A companion to Essentials in Ministry, this book is for those who are starting out in ministry or ready to give up. May it encourage you to stay the course and enable you to produce much fruit for the kingdom.


Book £6.00

Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare - Brian Brodersen

Many years ago, A. W. Tozer posed the question: "THE WORLD: PLAYGROUND OR BATTLEGROUND?"

The Scriptures affirm the latter to be the case. All around us a battle rages, yet quite often we are oblivious to it. It is vital that every Christian understands the reality of spiritual warfare and knows how to effectively fight the good fight of faith.

In this book, Pastor Brian Brodersen brings biblical balance and practical insight to the subject of spiritual warfare.


Book £6.00

Consuming Fire

Consuming Fire - Brian Brodersen

As we look at the events occurring in our nation and around the world, we may wonder—where is it all heading? The world certainly seems ripe for judgment, but revival may be just around the corner.

In Consuming Fire, Pastor Brian Brodersen reminds us that throughout history, God’s patience has been a defining characteristic of His interaction with mankind. The revivals of the past show that not only has He been reluctant to judge, He has delighted in showing mercy! Can we say for sure that a worldwide awakening is coming? No. But of this we can be sure: Personal revival is guaranteed to those who follow God’s blueprint found in the Scriptures. Those men and women who wholeheartedly dedicate their lives to Christ will find Him to be a "Consuming Fire."


Book £6.00

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Gifts Of The Holy Spirit - Brian Brodersen

• What are the gifts of the Spirit?

• Are the gifts of the Holy Spirit relevant for today?

• What is the purpose of the gifts?

"Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I do not want you to be ignorant." —1 Corinthians 12:1

There is probably no greater area of ignorance within the church today than in the area of spiritual gifts. Drawing from Scripture, Pastor Brian Brodersen provides solid biblical insight into the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit and how they are at work in the church today.


Book £5.00

Jesus Won

Jesus Won - Brian Brodersen

Is heaven a real place?

Is eternal punishment biblical?

Will a loving God send people to hell?

These are questions being asked by both secularists and Christians. One popular book is seeking to give answers. Unfortunately, it presents a distorted picture of God's character and God's Word. The real issue is always: What does the Bible say? And it is to the Bible that we turn to determine whether the real story of Jesus includes teaching on eternal punishment or not.

Jesus Won is not a detailed critique of Rob Bell's book Love Wins, but it rather shows why Rob is an unreliable source when it comes to what the Bible teaches about God, heaven, hell and the fate of every person who has ever lived.


Book £5.00

The Uniqueness of Jesus

The Uniqueness Of Jesus - Brian Brodersen

Who is Jesus?

What does He say about Himself?

What makes Jesus Christ so unique?

Jesus Christ is truly unique. He is one of a kind. This book reveals the reasons for the extraordinary impact of Jesus Christ on human history as well as His uniqueness as seen in His birth, life, miracles, words, death, and resurrection. Jesus Christ alone has no equal.


Book £5.00

Emerging or Submerging

Emerging or Submerging - Brian Brodersen

This resource was written to expose the Emergent's movements liberal theological perspective, and to safeguard believers against the spiritual seduction inherent in the smooth words and clever speeches of the advocates of 'a new kind of Christianity.


Book £4.00


Messiah - Brian Brodersen

Is Jesus of Nazareth the Messiah? This question was posed by the Jewish leaders in Jesus' time, and seekers of all ages still ask it today. Addressed in this book is the meaning of the word Messiah as well as the scriptural expectation and the scriptural portrait of the Messiah. The case for Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah of Israel is laid out in the hope that some, having weighed the evidence, will embrace Him as the only One in history who fulfills that title.


Book £4.00

Romans MP3

Romans MP3 - Brian Brodersen

You’ll notice that Romans is the first epistle in the New Testament. And it’s not the first epistle because it was written first, because it wasn’t written first. But it almost seems that God providentially oversaw. We know that He was responsible for the writing of the Scriptures. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God. But it almost seems too that providentially He oversaw the order of the books, as they’ve been laid out in the New Testament. And as you find Romans in this first place, it’s really here because it’s first in importance; because in this epistle to the Romans we come face to face with all the foundational truths of Scripture. And as we go through Romans we are going to be looking at so many different things that we find all throughout the Scripture. They’re all compacted right here into this epistle. Let me give you some examples.

We’re going to find out about:

• the fall

• original sin

• the depravity of man

• the wrath of God

• the law’s inability to save

• the power of the gospel

• salvation

• justification

• propitiation

• redemption

• reconciliation

• sanctification

• assurance

• the security of the believer

• Israel’s past privileges, present alienation, and future reconciliation

• the Christian life

• the Christian as a living sacrifice

• nonconformity to the world

• the supremacy of love

• liberty versus legalism

• and ultimately Satan’s final defeat.

All of these things are contained, packed in to this great epistle.


MP3 £15.00

Growing Together As A Couple

Growing Together As A Couple – Brian & Cheryl Brodersen

In their 30 years of shared ministry and marriage, Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa pastor Brian Brodersen and his wife, speaker and author Cheryl Brodersen, watched many couples struggle to build a lasting, fulfilling relationship. With the desire to understand God’s path for their union, the Brodersens’ turned to the Bible and learned how to view and experience marriage as an incredible gift from God.

Now they share the ten essential “E” principles they discovered, showing readers how to:

* Entrust the relationship to God

* Eliminate unhealthy expectations

* Encourage one another

* Enlighten with spiritual truth

* Energize the relationship

* Endure by standing together in faith

In this biblical and practical resource, newlyweds and longtime married couples will embrace the wholeness of God’s plan for them to have the very best human love experience possible.


Book £10.00


Essentials – Brian & Cheryl Brodersen

Ingredients for a fresh and fruitful relationship Join Brian and Cheryl Brodersen in this hilarious yet deeply serious dialog that is so much fun to watch. Whether you are married or single there is much to gain from their experiences and insights as they profoundly apply the powerful Word of God to marriage.

Learn how to encourage, esteem and enjoy one another in marriage in this refreshingly real, painfully personal yet powerfully practical message filled with freedom and grace.

• Great gift for a newlywed

• Help for a marriage in trouble

• Excellent tool for a marriage ministry

"We fight but it’s OK. We have a marriage worth fighting for." Cheryl Brodersen

DVD and CD recorded live at the 2009 Calvary Chapel European Missions Conference at Millstatt, Austria

Brian and Cheryl Brodersen have been married thirty years. One of their greatest delights is enjoying their children and grandchildren. They also serve together at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.


DVD £10.00

When a Woman Lets Go of the Lies

When a Woman Lets Go of the Lies - Cheryl Brodersen

Author and speaker Cheryl Brodersen inspires women to embrace their identity and fulfillment in Christ by shedding the lies that have plagued women since Eve. Such lies as: "I'm not good enough." "I'm too flawed to be loved." "God can't use me." Since Eden first blossomed, God has offered women love, guidance, fellowship, and purpose. Cheryl helps today's woman exchange the burden of deception for the abundance, freedom, and fruitfulness God intended from the very beginning.


Book £10.00

When a Woman Lets Go of Her Fears

When a Woman Lets Go of Her Fears – Cheryl Brodersen

God gave us the ability to fear to keep us safe, but when it moves beyond protection and interferes with life's joys, we need help.

With plenty of encouragement, hope, and biblical wisdom, Cheryl reveals how Jesus will help you. She shares the steps you can take to conquer the fears that plague you. You can experience the happiness, satisfaction, and adventure God wants for you when you let go and give Him your fears.


Book £10.00


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Pay By Cheque: Mail cheques payable to Calvary Chapel Radio along with order and delivery address to: Calvary Chapel Radio, PO Box 647, Bromley, Kent BR1 4WQ

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More Information or Questions: Please contact us or call 020 8466 5365

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